Continental develops new mini speed sensor; targets BRIC markets

Continental has started series production of its Mini Speed Sensor. The Chassis & Safety Division’s design engineers have developed this latest generation of wheelspeed sensors to production readiness in only three years.

The distinctive feature of this sensor is that all its functional components, such as the AMR bridge, ASIC and magnet have been integrated within a housing measuring just 3.2 mm in diameter. Despite these small dimensions, the sensor head can be easily adjusted to the external shape required for any particular application by means of a plastic material injection process. The new Mini Speed Sensor’s small size gives vehicle manufacturers greater flexibility as regards its installation location in the vehicle.

The Mini Speed Sensor also has an important role to play in the low-cost vehicle market. It is not just in the growth markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China that the demand for affordably-priced vehicles is rising; in Japan, the USA and western Europe, too, drivers are increasingly demanding inexpensive and smaller cars which consume less fuel. This poses major challenges for the automotive industry to produce less expensive and lighter components.  As far as wheelspeed sensors are concerned, Continental AG has met this challenge with its Mini Speed Sensor.

Source: Continental.

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