Autoliv creates ‘fake city’ in Sweden to test ADAS technology

Autoliv has opened a new unique test facility for pre-crash and active safety systems in Vårgårda, Sweden.

Thanks to passive safety systems such as seatbelt pretensioners and airbags, vehicle safety has substantially improved over recent decades. The next step to further reduce road traffic accidents can be active safety and driver assistance systems based on various sensors.

Autoliv’s new test track is built as a small city with real streets and fake house facades to conduct tests in a safe but realistic environment. In the “city”, Autoliv can perform and evaluate different systems based on radar, laser, vision or other sensors, which will be part of the pre-crash systems of tomorrow’s cars.

These sensors provide input to the active safety system to brake or steer-away to mitigate or avoid an accident. The test facility is equipped with controllable balloon cars and pedestrian simulators to create a realistic driving situation.

Source: Autoliv.

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