Apple’s iPhone might overtake Blackberry soon

The success of the iPhone 3GS could lead to Apple’s device overtaking the BlackBerry, a ChangeWave study has found today.

Since unveiling the phone in June, Apple has jumped five percent in its market share among those in the study, to 30 percent, and is within a “striking distance” of just 10 percent of RIM’s BlackBerry, which fell a point to 40 percent. Palm is flat at 7 percent but successfully used the Pre to stave off the constant declines it has faced for the past three years.

Apple’s situation improves further still with plans based on the next 90 days. Demand for the iPhone has climbed to 27 percent, or just nine points away from RIM’s 36 percent; the latter is a sharp drop from 44 percent just three months earlier. Palm’s share here is as flat as current share at a constant eight percent.

Courtesy: Electronista.

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