China: OnStar will go live on December 6th 2009

Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co. Ltd., a joint venture between OnStar, LLC, (a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors Company), Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales Co., Ltd (part of the SAIC Group) and Shanghai General Motors (SGM), has announced that OnStar services will be activated operational in China in December 2009.

OnStar will be exclusively available on select Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet vehicles – bringing this industry-leading technology to Chinese consumers.

SGM will eventually make this service available on its full portfolio of products, beginning with Cadillac, then Buick and finally Chevrolet. SGM will provide one year of OnStar as standard to customers with OnStar equipped new vehicles. The service will be available throughout mainland China and will be first launched in Mandarin Chinese.

OnStar will provide the following 14 services in China at launch:

·         Automatic Crash Response
·         Link to Emergency services
·         Automatic Airbag Deployment Response
·         OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics
·         On Demand Diagnostics
·         Good Samaritan
·         Stolen Vehicle Location
·         Remote Door Unlock
·         Remote Horn and Lights
·         Roadside Assistance
·         Hands Free Calling
·         Point of Interest
·         Turn-by-Turn Navigation
·         Destination Download

Additional information regarding OnStar vehicle availability and pricing in China will be announced later this year.

Source: General Motors.

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