NAVTEQ: “72% of users find ads acceptable on navigation devices”

NAVTEQ has released results of a new end-user survey on location-based ads on navigation devices.

That survey, conducted by Marketing Research Services Inc. (MRSI), showed that 19% of consumers who recalled seeing a specific ad clicked through to find nearby retail locations and that up to 6% of GPS users actually visited a business location after seeing an ad on their GPS device.

In its simplest form, NAVTEQ’s underlying technology lets advertisers display ads to users of GPS products and services, while more advanced technology paves the way for advertisers to interact with consumers and glean key behavioral insights and metrics.

The MRSI survey sampled 757 users of NAVTEQ ad-enabled GPS devices. Respondents were 18 and older with average household incomes over $50K using devices with ads in categories including Convenience, Fuel, Hotel, Pharmacy, and Bank/ATMs.

Key findings:

• Seventy-two percent of consumers find the ads to be acceptable on their navigation devices

• At least 50% of respondents recall seeing an ad for each of the advertised brands (aided and unaided)

• On average, 19% of people who recall seeing a specific ad reported clicking through for information on nearby locations

• Up to 6% of navigation device users visited a business location because of seeing an ad on their navigation device

Note: In September 2008, Garmin selected NAVTEQ for ad-funded RDS-TMC traffic service. NAVTEQ delivers advertising, along with the traffic content, over its RDS network.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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