The company behind REVA’s remote diagnostics: Kashyap


Kashyap Remote Diagnostics & Control application framework is the world’s first web- enabled system that diagnoses the functional aspects of the vehicle and performs corrective actions. Depending on protocol formats (fixed & variable), the framework automatically generates protocol workflows, definitions, web layer, GPRS server components and communication interfaces like TCP/IP, UDP, Serial.

The application is designed to provide value added services to OEMs, dealers, and service centers to extend the “After Sales Support” that benefits the end user. At the same time, it improves the quality of the vehicle at design time, by considering the vehicle’s historical diagnosed data to prevent faults. It also reduces the service time by importing necessary data from the vehicle for analyzing the faults (like battery status, car status, alarms, events and exceptions) before the vehicle arrives at the service station and reconfigure the vehicle settings to improve performance.

The framework has inbuilt functions like Car Management, Data Management, Log analysis, Configuration Management, Workflows, Protocol format definitions, Business customization handlers, Data validations, SMS/ SMS Gateway integration, Session Management and Real-time Status Information and Alert Management.

Kashyap framework integrates with vehicles like electric cars, hybrid vehicles, commercial vehicles and remote equipments using GSM/GPRS networks. It also integrates with centralized fleet management and cargo management applications.

Kashyap: “We’ve done a lot of research and have found that consumers want the connected lifestyle and emergency assistance in their vehicles for safe driving. The Internet not only provides innovation, but it also gives the customer multiple options to stay connected. Now passengers young and old can access the web to know the vehicle information and vehicle status, which helps consumers on servicing dues, insurance details, message to vehicle and remote on/off services.

We are excited that REVA has given us a vote of confidence in continuing a relationship that builds upon years of experience together. With the agreement, Kashyap has served REVA OEM to enable Remote Diagnostics & Control application for their service centers and dealers.  The relationship, established in 2008, has yielded innovative connected vehicle applications with easy user interfaces and a premium level of personalized services.”

Learn more about Kashyap’s solution here.

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