CoPilot onboard navigation app to get traffic info from INRIX

INRIX and ALK Technologies have announced that INRIX will power real-time traffic data in ALK Technologies popular CoPilot Live v8 GPS navigation app for Apple iPhone, Google Android and Windows phones in North America.

“Traffic congestion costs every American about $750 each year in fuel and lost productivity which translates to nearly three weeks’ worth of gas purchases and one work week of time wasted,” said Kush Parikh, vice president of business development at INRIX. “ALK’s CoPilot Live mobile navigation app coupled with INRIX’s real-time traffic helps drivers save time, gas and money on their daily commutes.”

ALK’s CoPilot Live v8 transforms mobile phones into full featured satellite navigation devices. The software provides all the benefits, features and quality mapping of a dedicated navigation system but conveniently on consumers’ choice of smartphone.

Unlike many mobile navigation systems, CoPilot’s maps are stored on the phone, so there’s no need to rely on the mobile internet to download maps. CoPilot Live v8’s new traffic service offers high quality, constantly-updated traffic information presented in easy to read displays including alerts to accidents and incidents that commonly cause traffic congestion.

INRIX traffic is available for purchase immediately for CoPilot Live v8 customers using Windows Mobile and Android smartphones, It will be available via in-app purchase for CoPilot Live on iPhone before the end of 2009.

Source: INRIX.

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