ITU officially recognises Brazil’s digital TV standard

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has confirmed its recognition to the Brazilian digital TV standard (BDTVS) as a sub-system of the Japanese ISDB transmission standard, and recommended it as an international standard.

In 2010, Brazil will be focused on encouraging a broadcasting ecosystem available to all of South America. In this sense, ITU’s decision means an important move in achieving the system’s internationalization.

In an interview, André Barbosa, a Brazilian government special advisor, revealed that the Government wants a basic design to be ready at the beginning of 2010 for the massive manufacturing of low-cost set-top-boxes. The idea is that most Latin American countries participate.

ISDB is present in 25 Brazilian cities: 18 capital cities and 7 high population cities. The objective is to close 2009 with 26 capitals served and many cities with more than a million inhabitants.

Courtesy: RapidTV News.

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