Tele Atlas launches ‘Speed Profiles’ in Taiwan

Tele Atlas has announced the availability of Tele Atlas Speed Profiles in Taiwan, the first complete historic speed product in Asia built with insight from local drivers that enables navigation system users find the fastest routes and far more accurately estimate travel times.

Speed Profiles for Taiwan provides drivers with unique insight into real world traffic patterns across the country’s complete navigable road network. With Speed Profiles, drivers can make the best route choices that normally only well-informed locals would select and in turn, also save valuable time and money.

With congested roadways and ever-increasing travel times, users of mapping applications are seeking better ways to travel efficiently, minimize transportation costs and find the optimal routes to their destinations.

Speed Profiles aggregates and enhances real speed data from GPS-enabled devices, using consumer driving patterns to provide true average speeds on individual road segments.

In contrast, traditional systems use standardized estimates to calculate routes, ignoring hurdles such as traffic lights, school hours and rotaries that can severely impact travel times. Speed Profiles for Taiwan is Tele Atlas’ first community-based offering outside of North America and Europe, highlighting the expanding and ever more global role of community in advancing navigation and location-based solutions.

Speed Profiles enables route calculations based on highly comprehensive historical travel time and measured speed information. Tele Atlas Speed Profiles is available in 27 countries and territories, covering 35 million kilometers of both directions of roads. The version for Taiwan includes 211,000 kilometers and complete coverage of the navigable road network.

Source: Tele Atlas.

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