Telematics@China to address OEMs’ concerns on telematics in China


As three fourths of the year has passed, China’s auto industry is still at the No.1 position in the world, which has drawn attention of the global auto industry. Meanwhile, Telematics is being given great attention by mainstream automakers, and GM will officially launch OnStar in China this December.

In addition, the Telematics@China summit forum organized by Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China) and hosted by NaviForum will be held in Shanghai, China this December. It will provide a platform for automakers in China to discuss about Telematics strategies and learn international experience.

OnStar has the world’s largest user base of Telematics services, exceeding 5.5 million. It has been considered as a benchmark for latecomers because of its success. Although more new Telematics concepts and technologies are emerging these years, no player has deployed and implemented vehicle information systems so successfully on a million-user base as OnStar.

In fact, discussions about China Telematics industry have been on for some time. As early as last year, Telematics@China 2008 summit held in Shanghai attracted many elite delegates from the global Telematics industry and opened up panel discussions on Telematics.

Just as expected at the time of the forum, “2009 will witness the launch of China’s Telematics,” Toyota launched the popular G-Book service in China this year. In just its first few months, G-Book service has attracted thousands of high-end vehicle owners as its first Telematics service users in China. The concern of Chinese auto consumers is shifting from the car itself to car-related information services.

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