Toyota shows off LTE connected car running QNX CAR platform


The ng Connect Program has announced that the Toyota Prius serves as the platform for the program’s first LTE Connected Car.

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) USA,  an ng Connect Program member, participated with Alcatel-Lucent, Atlantic Records, QNX Software Systems, chumby and Kabillion to customize the popular hybrid vehicle with state-of-the-art services.

With integrated in-vehicle systems, combining LTE hardware and advanced software for a next-generation in-vehicle experience, the LTE Connected Car provides a glimpse of the technological possibilities for future automobiles.

The LTE Connected Car concept offers independently operated touchscreens coupled with innovative software which provide access to multiple applications and forms of content.

The vehicle offers a comprehensive menu of entertainment, infotainment and security services including video-on-demand, gaming, home control, advanced GPS navigation, as well as roadway and vehicle monitoring.

Additionally, the Connected Car offers an in-car WiFi network supporting full utilization of all WiFi-enabled devices in the vehicle as well as connectivity to the cloud via LTE.

The QNX CAR application platform provides the software foundation of ng Connect’s LTE Connected Car concept vehicle. The platform provides all of the car’s system software and infotainment applications, including the realtime operating system, touchscreen user interfaces, streaming media players for YouTube and Pandora, navigation system with Google local search, Bluetooth and portable device connectivity, multimedia playback, handsfree integration, climate controls, Adobe Flash games, application store technology, and a virtual mechanic.

Toyota’s work with the ng Connect Program complements the company’s initiatives in the area of automotive telematics and technology, including the recent launch of Lexus and Toyota’s all-new services, Lexus Enform and Safety Connect.


Source: ng Connect.

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