Tele Atlas to add 3D data to its maps using Intermap

Intermap Technologies, the foremost worldwide 3D digital mapping company, has announced it has signed an agreement with Tele Atlas. Under the terms of the agreement, Intermap will furnish uniform 3D elevation data derived from its 5-meter posted NEXTMap countrywide digital map database.

“Tele Atlas is committed to delivering the best visualization product to our customers worldwide,” stated Rik Temmink, Tele Atlas’ global vice president of product management. “Intermap’s NEXTMap digital maps set the baseline standard for true 3D in-dash visualization and are uniquely able to deliver real world views of not only the road network, but the entire surface of the earth. We’re excited to work with Intermap’s NEXTMap terrain data, which allows us to take navigation to the next level with a visually superior product set.”

“Our first major supply agreement within the automotive industry is a significant accomplishment for the company’s automotive division and benefits the industry as a whole,” stated Eric DesRoche, senior vice president of automotive for Intermap. “Getting our NEXTMap data into the vehicle is seen as a critical first step to supporting a variety of applications in partnership with Tele Atlas.”

Intermap’s NEXTMap data provides a uniform and accurate geospatial base layer, enabling Tele Atlas to easily conflate other visual assets such as building models, roads, and landmarks – resulting in a realistic visualization product that matches the outside world.

The Company is delivering data assets with a targeted launch into equipped automobiles in late 2010.

Source: Intermap.

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