NEC launches new SoCs for automotive infotainment

NEC Electronics has announced the availability of new system-on-chips (SoCs), the EC-4260 (NaviEngine-MID) and EC-4250 (NaviEngine-mini) for use in automotive infotainment systems.

As the demand for new features in automotive infotainment systems grows at a fast pace, there is a growing need for high CPU performance to keep pace, and at the same time, small power consumption is required. NEC Electronics’ EC-4260 and EC-4250 SoCs address these needs with a multi-core approach. Using three ARM-11™ cores from ARM Ltd., the EC-4260 SoC operates at 1440 MIPS (at 400 MHz), while the EC-4250 performs 960 MIPS using two ARM-11 cores.

NEC Electronics’ new devices also include a graphics processing unit (GPU) that realizes excellent 2D/3D imaging. The EC-4260 SoC enables 2D/3D imaging and supports OpenGL ES and OpenVG specifications.

The new products also have a comprehensive development environment for serving the needs of automotive customers. For example, for communications, there is support for a variety of protocols, including USB, MOST bus, CAN, I2S and I2C. Also included is an audio routing engine that has sample rate conversion capability.

The EC-4260 and EC-4250 devices are currently available for samples, priced per unit at US$140 and US$70 respectively. Mass production is estimated to begin in 2010 and is expected to reach 100,000 units per month by 2012.

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