Colombia gets second ETC system from Sirit

Sirit, a global provider of radio frequency identification (“RFID”) technology, has announced the launch of its second toll installation in Colombia.

Sirit’s IDentity 5100 (“ID5100”) readers and passive transponders have been installed along the Devimed Toll Road in Medellin, Colombia. The electronic toll collection system, referred to as Flypass, will streamline toll collection operations while simultaneously offering speed, comfort and security for over 24,000 daily users.

The Flypass system will be installed on four toll plazas consisting of 10 toll lanes. To date, three plazas, Copacabana, El Santuario and Puerto Triunfo, have been installed. The fourth toll plaza is to be installed on Las Palmas road which serves as a passageway to Retiro, La Fe and La Ceja.

The 6 toll lanes currently in operation were upgrades of existing technology by Flytech Ltda., a developer and solution provider for vehicle access and control systems across South America, to Sirit products. This conversion allows for the future interoperability with other roads Colombia.

Source: Sirit.

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