Russia: PROGOROD, a new player in the navi and traffic markets

PROGOROD is a newly formed company and is the market brand created by CDCOM Companies Group for the provision of high-quality services for navigation solutions aimed at B2C, B2B and B2G markets.

The company recently announced the official launch of its website:

The site provides information on the company’s navigation software products for different platforms and also allows users to view online maps of Russia.

Currently, navigation software is available for Windows Mobile and Windows CE platforms. The company plans to add support to other platforms including J2ME (Java), Android and iPhone.

PROGOROD recently announced that it has chosen to licence ITIS’ Trafficscience Technology in order to provide road users in Russia with the latest information on the road conditions. The three year agreement cements a long term partnership between ITIS and PROGOROD which is based on working together to expand the technologies throughout Russia and the CIS.

The Trafficscience system will use PROGOROD’s own GPS data which will be fused with other sources to provide high quality flow data initially in Moscow and then to be rolled out to key cities in Russia.  PROGOROD will use RDS-TMC and GSM to distribute data into vehicles and also provide historical traffic information to Government and road builders to help planning for future improvements to the road network.

Visit PROGOROD here.

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