Mercedes ‘mbrace’ telematics gets Smartphone app

To access the Mobile Application, the customer must first download the application from the Apple App Store or the BlackBerry App World onto a supported mobile device. The customer can then log into the application using his or her mbrace account number and secure 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is established during the mbrace activation process.

The Mobile Application login process verifies the user is an active subscriber and matches the specific application with the customer’s account and vehicle.

The Mobile Application is available on the Apple iPhone (models running OS 2.2.1 or later) and BlackBerry Curve (8300 series with GPS) and BlackBerry 8820 and 8830 (models running OS 4.5 or later).

Services available via the Smartphone are:

1) Remote door lock/unlock – The customer launches the Mobile Application, enters their account number and secure PIN, and presses the Door Unlock or Door Lock button.

2) Vehicle finder – A command is sent from the Smartphone application to the Telematics Control Unit (TCU) embedded in the vehicle requesting the vehicle’s current GPS coordinates. The vehicle coordinates are sent back through the TCU along with the mobile device GPS coordinates. If the vehicle is located within one linear mile of the customer, the vehicle’s location will be sent back to the Mobile Application and be rendered on a map on the mobile device.

3) Contact Assistance – The user can make a phone call to Roadside Assistance, mbrace Customer Service, Financial Client Care Center.

4) Dealer features – The app allows the user to find the nearest Mercedes Dealer on a map and also call the dealer.

5) Account information – This feature allows the customer to view mbrace account information (such as account number, alarm notification method, emergency contact info and vehicle information).

Source: Mercedes Benz.

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