Peugeot to bring electric car with telematics to the UK in 2010

Peugeot has started to take pre-reservations for its electric car, the i0n in the UK. Already the marque has signed letters of intent with a number of companies and local authorities across Europe, for the vehicle to become part of their car-sharing and vehicle fleets.

The Peugeot i0n “zero-emissions” electric vehicle will be introduced at the end of 2010. The vehicle, developed in co-operation with the Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC), will offer a zero-emission urban transport solution for private, fleet and local authority users.

The onboard unit will include a  “localised communication unit” which authorises data transfer (battery status, distance covered, distance to travel before maintenance is due, etc…) thus providing assistance especially for fleet operators.

There will also be no compromise on safety or comfort; iOn will feature ABS, traction control, ESP and six airbags as well as electric windows, air conditioning and a range of audio equipment.

The i0n is part of Peugeot’s comprehensive offering for business customers, and has already been selected by nine European companies, for their car-sharing and fleet programmes. Retail customers can now register their interest in the iOn via the web site and will be amongst the first to be offered a test drive in the vehicle when it is available.

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