INRIX to provide traffic info for NAVIGON products

INRIX has announced NAVIGON will use INRIX’s real-time traffic information exclusively to power its PND products in Europe as well as its highly successful iPhone navigation App in Europe and North America.

NAVIGON recently introduced the first pan-European real-time traffic products with the launch of the NAVIGON 8450 Live and 6350 Live. Both at home and abroad, users of the new premium devices can access real-time information such as live traffic via the external NAVIGON Live Module in 32 countries across Europe, without incurring charges extra to the subscription fee.

Other real-time information for these two products include positioning of mobile radar speed detectors, information about available parking spaces, the weather forecast at any location as well as en route, and the option to search for an unlimited number of personal points of interest selected by the user, such as restaurants or businesses via Google Local Search.

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