UK: Derby City Council embraces telematics to track driver behaviour


London 17th November 2009 – Derby City Council is working with Simplytrak and Wireless Logic to install vehicle tracking technology within its fleet of vehicles in order to track the whereabouts and behaviour of its fleet, as a result of an increase in the number of complaints of ‘improper gritting’.

In 2002, Derby City Council was looking for a solution to a growing problem.  Derby’s residents were inundating the City Council’s offices with complaints about ‘improper’ road gritting.  The Council realised that it urgently needed to find a way to establish the credibility of these complaints, track its fleet and ensure that any gritting that takes place within the city is done properly and considerately.

Previously to this, the Council had little way of monitoring the movements of the fleet, and of individual vehicles and drivers and so it was difficult for it to investigate complaints properly and, in some cases, defend itself against erroneous claims.

In order to establish a tighter control over the activity and whereabouts of its vehicles, Derby City Council consulted with Simplytrak, specialist vehicle traking company and Wireless Logic who advised the council to use its unique tracking system alongside Wireless Logic SIMs and ManageNet platform to allow them to easily track the whereabouts of their vehicles and their behaviour.

A Wireless Logic SIM was installed within each of Simplytrak’s vehicle tracking units which were then installed in each of the Council’s vehicles.  Once these were installed, Wireless Logic’s SIMs were activated and immediately started communicating with Simplytrak, enabling the ability to monitor the whereabouts of the council’s vehicles, at all times and with easy access to data on the vehicles’ activity patterns.

Using this technology, Derby City Council is able to monitor if the road network is being gritted, at what time and date,  for how long, the spread pattern and the speed.  Invaluable information for councils who want to be able to correctly validate their residents’ complaints and, as a result, improve its service.

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