Japan: Nissan Fuga goes on sale; loaded with ADAS

The new Fuga offers a number of advanced safety technologies designed to help avoid dangerous situations, part of Nissan’s goal of creating collision-free vehicles.

Some of the unique ADAS features:

The Distance Control Assist (Intelligent Pedal) System helps the driver control the distance between the Fuga and the vehicle in front by moving the gas pedal upwards to assist the driver in switching to the brake pedal. For the new generation Fuga, a new function has been added to the system that helps reduce the drivers’ workload when driving on curvy roads by helping them decelerate or brake as the car enters a curve (based on real-time navigation information).

Another advanced safety technology is the Driving Safety Support System (DSSS). Utilizing the results of Nissan’s SKY Project, drivers can receive audible and display warnings (low-visibility intersection alert, stop sign alert and low-visibility signal alert) when approaching some low-visibility intersections via communications with infrastructure on the road.

Fuga’s School Zone Alert system provides audible and display warnings to direct the driver’s attention when the vehicle enters an elementary school zone and the system determines that a safety warning is appropriate. School Zone Alert is based on real-time vehicle information, including speed, acceleration and braking.

Source: Nissan.

Video: Watch Nissan’s EcoPedal here.

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