Lexus LS to get Gentex High-Beam Assist

Gentex has announced that it is shipping interior and exterior auto-dimming mirrors and its SmartBeam High-Beam Assist (called Intelligent High Beams by the automaker) for the 2010 Lexus LS.

This is the first Lexus vehicle to offer SmartBeam in Europe and Japan and the first SmartBeam program offered in Japan.

An interior auto-dimming mirror is standard on all Lexus LS models. A compass, utilizing Gentex’s proprietary Z-Nav technology that uses a highly-accurate sensor designed to determine a vehicle’s directional heading, is available on LS models without navigation. In many markets, the new LS offers driver- and passenger-side exterior auto-dimming mirrors to further help decrease headlamp glare of rearward-approaching vehicles.

SmartBeam High-Beam Headlamp Assist is standard on the 460L trim level in North America. In Japan and Europe, the feature is available on various trim levels including the 460, 460L, 600h and 600hL. SmartBeam uses a miniature camera-on-a-chip combined with algorithmic decision making to automatically turn a vehicle’s high beams on and off according to surrounding traffic conditions.

The system is designed to maximize a vehicle’s forward lighting and to eliminate this repetitive and sometimes burdensome task.

Source: Gentex.

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