Mio extends Nuance’s text-to-speech engine to more models

Nuance has announced that it has extended its relationship with Mio Technology to meet the latest developments in mobile services with Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive text-to-speech.

As part of the relationship, Mio will bring Nuance’s text-to-speech to a broader range of its personal navigation devices. Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive is optimized for personal navigation devices.

Mio currently uses Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive to power the readback of navigation routes across its integrated product line, including the new personal navigation system Mio Moov 300, 500 and Flat Series; the new PND TV series, Moov V505 and V735; and, the Moov 580.

Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive is able to provide drivers with more accurate, reliable route guidance as it features dynamic information, including street names and route names for even the most complex road junctions and highways with multiple lanes and exits.

Additionally, Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive is equipped to read aloud traffic alerts for connected navigation devices, seamlessly guiding drivers through difficult and stressful traffic situations, navigating around accidents, and more.

Source: Nuance.

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