88% of all PNDs to be connected by 2015

Source: Berg Insight.

There are now more than 150 million turn-by-turn navigation systems worldwide, including about 35 million factory installed and aftermarket in-dash navigation systems, over 90 million Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) and an estimated 28 million navigation-enabled mobile handsets with GPS.

The PND as a device category is facing increased competition due to the adoption of handset-based navigation services and greater availability of in-dash navigation systems. Berg Insight forecasts that PND shipments in both Europe and North America will peak around 2011 at roughly 20 million units per annum in each market respectively and decline to about 16 million units in 2015.

Worldwide shipments of PNDs are forecasted to peak at around 50 million devices annually in 2011–2012 and gradually decline to 43 million units in 2015.

Nevertheless, multiple navigation solutions and device types are likely to co-exist also in the future. PNDs and in-car navigation systems often provide a better user experience than many handset-based navigation services. Moreover, handset navigation services are also well suited as a complement to other solutions, especially for use outside the car.

PND vendors are increasingly focusing on new innovative online services. Connected PNDs that make use of wireless connectivity to access dynamic content can improve the value of navigation devices in everyday situations.

New valuable services and features will become more important going forward as a means to drive sales of replacement devices to the growing base of existing PND users. Berg Insight forecasts that as many as 88 percent of all PNDs shipped worldwide in 2015 will have cellular connectivity.

Source: Berg Insight.

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