Microsoft updates Bing Maps for China with new features

The Bing Maps China site has released major updates to their site. Following the release to Bing Maps and Bing Maps UK, the Bing Maps China site has updated much of their data, added new data and added a few new features:

  • Yellow Pages – Over 8 million yellow page listings are now searching from Bing Maps China
  • Business Photos – Thousands of business front photos are now available as a part of the YP listings results
  • Transit – Bing Maps China has had transit information for a while now; however, the site now hosts hundreds of transit lines around China
  • Road Data Refresh – Updated the entire country with new road network data inclusive of over 4 million road segments
  • Traffic – Higher fidelity, wider coverage traffic flow information for more roads around the country
  • Performance Enhancements – Route and transit calculation times cut by over 50%
  • Signposts (Directions) – visual improvements for driving directions

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