Eco Navigator PND to get ‘global SIM’ from Telenor Connexion

The Eco Navigator shows drivers, in real time, the fuel consumption and carbon emissions and provides advice on how to improve mileage and reduce emissions.

The transmitting device will also suggest the most fuel efficient route to the destination. The Eco Navigator includes vehicle diagnostics and performance, and navigation worldwide.

The highly customised and centralised solution delivered by Telenor Connexion will provide not only the SIM-card and connectivity, but also the advantage of one single business model tailored for international connectivity.

With Telenor Connexion’s global SIM solution, MyGuide will benefit from one SIM and one standardised technical solution enabling a cost-effective deployment in several international markets.

The solution also includes automated provisioning customised to fit MyGuide’s production and distribution processes, securing cost-effective integration of SIM and testing of the complete solution ahead of production.

The connected product will be released in the US in December and in Europe during January 2010. It will be available to the North American, European, Russian, Australian and Indian markets, where Telenor Connexion has extensive experience from supplying wireless connectivity.

The long term agreement will bring about a large-scale deployment in the mentioned market areas.

Note: Wireless connectivity enables users to obtain real-time traffic, download data about their vehicle to their desktop PC, and provides Internet access for user convenience.

Source: Telenor Connexion.

Learn more about Eco Navigator here.

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