France: Garmin offers BaLaDO digital guide downloads

Garmin has announced a partnership with Editions Mondeos, a French publisher of guide books, to integrate the content of their BaLaDO guides into Garmin’s nuvi range of personal navigation devices (PND).

24 BaLaDO digital guides are now available for download on the Garmin website. Each guide – which targets a local French region – is available for €4.99 and offers 400-500 rides to various destinations that range from kid friendly activities, extreme sports, nature, etc.

BaLaDO guides have been created in 2004 and have enjoyed a large success on the French market in offering visit ideas off the beaten path. Besides BaLaDO, Editions Mondeos publishes guide books for 120 destinations. The publisher is a leading provider of guides to travel operators with 1.5 million distributed per year.

Courtesy: GPS Business News.

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