Italy: 5.1 million users to access video on their phones by 2015

Mobile TV hasn’t exactly been a hit in Europe – except in Italy. Italians accessing video content via their mobile phones will climb to 5.1 million in 2015, and that revenues will reach US$685 million, reports Coda Research .

Their report into the Italian TV market shows that users accessing TV content via DVB-H alone will double from its present 1.2m users to 2.5m in 2015.

Europeans tend to use their phones for video, games, texting, social networking and so on when they are between spaces and events, such as when commuting or meeting friends. In Japan and South Korea, where mobile TV penetration is significantly higher, people spend a lot more time commuting on public transport and so have more time available. The streaming or broadcast of live TV simply doesn’t fit the European consumer.

Where Coda does see the opportunity for significant growth is in users downloading video onto their phones either via 3G or from their laptops and PCs, with that caveat that content and rights owners allow them to do so.

Via: Cellular News

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