ODI develops low-cost Head-Up Display using LEDs

Oki Digital Imaging Corp (ODI) exhibited a prototype of a head-up display that uses an LED display as a light source at the Oki Premium Fair 2009, a trade show hosted by the company.

The LED display is 1.1 inches in size and made by using the company’s “EFB (epi film bonding)” technology. The EFB technology is a technology to bond different materials by utilizing intermolecular forces. It eliminates the need for adhesive, wire bonding, etc, making elements smaller and lower in cost.

The power consumption of the new head-up display is about 1/10 those of head-up displays made by combining an LED backlight and an LCD panel. As a result, the LEDs of the new display generate less heat, enabling to use a simpler heat sink.

In addition, because the panel serves as a light source, the display has a simple structure. So, it is possible to reduce the number and thickness of components.

“Head-up displays using an LCD panel are available only to luxury cars,” ODI said. “But, with our LED display, head-up displays will be inexpensive enough to be mounted on low-end cars.”

Source: Tech On.

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