SpeedInfo wins patent for traffic info collection technology

SpeedInfo has today that it has received a U.S. patent for its innovations in developing solar-powered Doppler radar sensors, and the systems to process and share the information, in near real-time.

More than 950 SpeedInfo sensors have been deployed to date by over 10 state departments of transportation and municipal planning organizations, covering 2,000 miles of roadway. These organizations typically incorporate SpeedInfo sensors into their comprehensive area traffic management systems. Sensors are typically attached to interstate or arterial light or signage poles, but can be installed on almost any available infrastructure.

SpeedInfo sensors measure vehicles on both sides of the highway from a single device, sampling data to conserve power, and relay data via GPRS wireless enabling the sensors to operate with very modest energy needs supplied entirely by batteries and very small solar panels.

This low profile and lightweight design approach minimizes wind loading and enables transportation agencies to utilize existing infrastructure, dramatically reducing costs, complexities and time to coverage.

SpeedInfo’s Doppler radar sensors are located approximately every mile and collect traffic speed information continuously. Sensors forward data to the SpeedInfo Traffic Data Server via the AT&T Wireless data network with virtually no latency.

SpeedInfo servers format the data for delivery to customers via the Internet. The data is available from SpeedInfo servers in a standard XML format, or if required, specialized formats.

Visit SpeedInfo here.

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