Audi launches telematics – A8 gets Internet connectivity

In order to get Audi Online, a prerequisite is the MMI Navigation Plus system (with MMI Touch handwriting recognition)  for €2,900.

Then, the user needs to purchase the ‘Bluetooth-Autotelefon’ option for €730. This option adds Bluetooth SAP (with GSM module) and a SIM card slot.

To access online services, the user can either connect a SAP capable mobile phone to the car or insert a SIM card in the SIM card slot.

Note: The mobile phone or the SIM card must have a data plan with the network operator for Audi Online services to work. Extra data charges will be incurred based on the contract with the network operator.

Some of the services included in Audi Online are: Google POI search, Weather information, News, and Destination Send-to-Car from Google Maps & myAudi online portal. (See screenshots above)

Source: Audi.

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