Waze to partner with local map providers globally

Waze has announced a new partnership program geared towards local map providers, worldwide. On the tail of the company’s successful international launch and strong traction with international users, waze has begun to partner with local map providers globally.

Currently, local companies across the globe have valuable map data, but are threatened by competition from global players, commoditization of map data and increased costs associated with maintaining and upgrading their data set to remain competitive.

The partnership program forms a mutually beneficial relationship in which waze and its users are provided with a base map for accelerating community growth, while the partner benefits include turning their map from a static and costly-to-update resource, into a real-time, navigable asset with significantly lower operational costs. Partners also expand their data set to include real-time traffic, community updates and reports.

With alliances currently being in fostered in South America and the Far East, Waze expects to announce the launch of its first partnerships in January 2010.

How Waze works:

While users drive, smart algorithms are used to analyze their GPS points and other driver-generated data, which is then converted into a grid of the roads, including turn restrictions and historical speeds plus real-time traffic information. Users can also take an active role, filing traffic and hazard reports with a few easy clicks when not driving.

Learn more about Waze here.

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