Bluetooth SIG launches ‘Ditch The Dongle’ campaign; promotes tethering

The Bluetooth SIG has announced the launch of its Ditch The Dongle campaign in response to a recent study conducted in Sweden.

The study shows two-thirds of surveyed consumers using 3G dongles for connecting to internet are interested in saving money by connecting through the mobile phone instead.

Not only is it less costly to add a data plan to an existing mobile phone subscription but it is also more convenient. By leveraging the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology for their mobile internet connection consumers can avoid the costs associated with the purchase of a separate 3G modem and the restraints of the standard 12-24 month required subscription typically used in many European markets.

Research also shows that among four major Swedish carriers consumer savings was up to 40% when using a mobile phone as a internet access point compared to a 3G dongle with subscription.

Accessing the Internet with a Bluetooth wireless connection to the mobile phone acting as a internet access point is typically quite easy and step by step instructions can be found at, but is typically done by making Bluetooth discoverable (visible) in the mobile phone and then creating a PAN (Personal Area Network) connection from the computer by accessing the Bluetooth functionality from the control panel. This also assumes the mobile phone is internet capable and configured for direct internet access.

Note: The mini study conducted by web research firm Cint shows that among 500 surveyed users 27% are using a 3G dongle or modem for connection to internet and among those 67% were interested in saving money by connecting directly through the mobile phone.

Source: Bluetooth SIG.

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