EU: Delphi & Ondas sign exclusivity agreement for satellite radio hardware

Radio technology company Delphi has signed an exclusive sat-radio agreement with Ondas Media.

The formal statement says “Delphi Corporation has signed an Exclusivity Agreement with Ondas Media confirming that they will only manufacture and sell Ondas satellite radio receivers in Europe.”

Previously, Delphi was committed to developing the Ondas satellite radio reference design, but were also providing production radios to Worldspace for Italy’s Fiat vehicles. Despite Worldspace’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy the Fiat/Worldspace agreement remains in force (although is the subject of separate legal squabbles) although now not with a Delphi supply package included.

“This new arrangement ensures that Delphi, the leading satellite radio supplier to car companies in the US, will only supply Ondas radios in the European market. Delphi will still supply the reference technology of Ondas reception systems to all Ondas OEM radio manufacturers as per the original agreement,” the statement continues.

Delphi’s now exclusive focus on Ondas is a significant indicator of the credibility Ondas are establishing based on their achievements with OEM customers, radio broadcasters, regulators, and infrastructure partners.

“Delphi was and still is the ‘first-to-market’ leader in all types of satellite reception systems, and have integrated their radios into 200 different models of automobiles for both Sirius and XM technologies. This commitment gives Ondas a significant operational advantage over competitors.”

Courtesy: RapidTV News.

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