NAVTEQ and Microsoft to work together in creating 3D map data

NAVTEQ and Microsoft have agreed to work together in the collection, creation and storage of 3D map data. Microsoft will work with NAVTEQ to help create 3D mapping tools and in return, NAVTEQ will provide Microsoft with 3D map data and visuals to power new mapping features.

NAVTEQ has consistently invested resources in bringing technological innovation to the development of capabilities which deliver the highest quality digital map data and enable the collection of advanced attributes, such as road curvature and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) geometry.

The company has also been a long-time provider of map data to Microsoft, having enjoyed a strong global business relationship for the past ten years. With this new relationship NAVTEQ elevates its alliance with a trusted collaborator to help advance important 3D collection technologies which, when integrated into NAVTEQ’s broader proprietary data collection process, will support the capture of a range of advanced navigable map features at an exceptional level of accuracy and scale.

NAVTEQ will be integrating these new technologies into its field collection vehicles and the company’s full roster of customers will be able to benefit from this technology deployment.

This will accelerate not only the efficient integration of 3D visuals into the NAVTEQ map, but also new product development which will reap benefits across the full range of NAVTEQ’s product portfolio. Microsoft will be able to deploy the visuals generated through these efforts to their consumers via Bing Maps.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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