TomTom launches HD Traffic 3.0 with improved accuracy & coverage

TomTom’s new version of its real-time traffic information service (HD Traffic) has improved road coverage and accuracy. This means motorists always know the smartest route to take, even on secondary roads.

The number of jams HD Traffic 3.0 detects on secondary roads throughout Europe has improved significantly. For instance, coverage has leapt by 75% in France and by 40% in both the Netherlands and the UK. In Switzerland drivers will notice a 200% increase in coverage on secondary roads. The accuracy of traffic information – the exact point and time that a jam starts and ends – on secondary roads has also improved.

In the Netherlands, drivers will experience an improvement of 25%. In France and Switzerland, accuracy has increased by 35% and 20%. Accuracy of HD Traffic on the main roads in France has improved by 30%.

“HD Traffic is far better than any other traffic information available” said Simon Sugar, CEO, Amscreen. “And now Tom-Tom users have managed to make it even better, we look forward to passing on this information to the 7 million BP motorists each week who view Tom-Tom’s HD traffic information on our screens and hopefully to millions more across our growing Amscreen network in 2010.”

Self-improving system:

The improvements of HD Traffic 3.0 are due to a constantly growing community of enthusiastic users, and its self-improving functionality. “The beauty of HD Traffic is that it is a dynamic information service using multiple sources that are always updating the core traffic information”, says Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director of TomTom.

“This means that the more people travelling on the roads, the better the traffic information becomes.” This new improved service is now available to all drivers subscribing to TomTom’s LIVE Services. The improvements will also be good news for third parties that use HD Traffic as their only source of traffic information, like Radio 538, and online Dutch news portal,

Source: TomTom.

Note: TomTom’s resubscription rate for HD Traffic is currently 30%.

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