TRW launches low-cost version of its seat belt retraction system

TRW has unveiled its ‘ACR2 Basic’ seat belt technology (Active Control Retractor 2 Basic). This new addition to TRW’s active seat belt retractor portfolio has been designed to enhance driver comfort and safety while offering cost benefits over its production ACR2 system.

Uwe Class, manager of reversible systems for TRW’s Occupant Safety Systems, said: “TRW has successfully launched its proven ACR technology on a number of key vehicles including the recent Hyundai Equus and the Mercedes S Class where it remains a standard feature. Ensuring that such advanced safety systems are available for broader vehicle segments and customer markets is vital – we have developed a more affordable active seat belt retractor solution with our ACR2 Basic technology.”

Like TRW’s production ACR2 system, ACR2 Basic is a perfect example of how TRW is able to link active and passive safety. The technology is designed to use braking and stability control sensor information to recognize critical events such as panic braking or skidding. It then reacts by removing seat belt slack so that the occupant position on the seat is improved in advance of a crash. If the critical situation ends without an accident, the system automatically resets itself via a reversible actuator.

Class continued: “With ACR2 Basic, we are able to provide a more affordable product due to, among other things, simplified electronics. For example, our new product has a smaller Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the algorithm is implemented within another ECU depending on vehicle manufacturer requirements (this could be within the airbag control unit, for example). The different architecture allows us to reduce packaging, integration effort and ultimately cost for the customer.

“We are experiencing growing vehicle manufacturer interest in our ACR2 Basic product and are working closely with our customers to make this innovative safety system more readily available across all vehicle markets.”

Source: TRW.

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