NAVTEQ’s Croatian team helps create detailed maps

NAVTEQ has significantly expanded its navigable map of Croatia.

Featuring a total of over 85,400 kilometers of roads, the map includes full coverage of the mainland plus 159 key islands off the Adriatic coast. There are also many other features to help guide residents.

For example, 3D images of famous landmarks, such as the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka and Zagreb’s impressive Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, are designed to help orientate drivers and pedestrians in the two major cities.

There are also over 15,000 Points of Interest including facilities such as banks, restaurants, car parks, hotels, pharmacies and tourist attractions like Croatia’s many world heritage sites and national parks.

Inclusion of Speed limits and Driver Alerts enable warning of changes in upcoming road conditions such as sharp bends, steep hills and safe overtaking spots. A feature called Extended Lanes helps guide drivers on to the appropriate lane at complex junctions on Croatia’s many new highways.

The thousands of small, rural settlements which are an integral part of Croatia’s heritage and charm are an excellent example of how important local knowledge is when compiling a map. “Many of these ‘selo’ have names which have been used for generations but which are not officially listed,” commented Frank Pauli, vice president EMEA Map and Content Products, NAVTEQ. “Our Croatian team took the time to investigate and ask questions in the villages – often in local post offices and shops – so the correct information could be added to the database.”

Based in Zagreb, NAVTEQ’s Croatian team has established good relationships with local and government authorities, and also some private organizations, to help them keep abreast of the major ongoing developments to the country’s infrastructure. Very often the team gets permission to drive new roads before they officially open so that the changes are added to the map database as soon as the road is opened to the public.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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