Samsung survey: 42% of Smartphone owners willing to pay for apps

Almost half (42%) of current feature phone users surveyed by Samsung Electronics would pay to download applications if they could – and 54% of those people would be prepared to pay up to EUR5 for each application they download, illustrating the scale of the potential revenues available for developers by extending application-downloadable smartphone markets.

The consumer survey was based on responses from UK, France and Italy – three of Europe’s biggest mobile markets where Samsung currently offers apps through its Samsung Application Store.

The research also highlighted the types of applications which are particularly sought after by those consumers who have no previous experience of downloading them – and therefore the people who present the biggest potential revenue opportunity for developers at the moment. The study shows that among users of mainstream handsets who have not downloaded an application before, travel and navigation applications were most in demand with 34% of people surveyed eager to use them, followed by photography (12%), work (11%) and shopping (9%).

Via: Cellular News

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