BMW selects MILE for pan-EU TPEG traffic and travel service

MILE Traffic and Travel GmbH (MILE), has announced that it has been awarded a new multi year contract from BMW AG to provide Next generation Real Time Traffic Information throughout Europe.

This is the first pan European service contract announcement from any car manufacturer.

The members of MILE are ITIS, Mediamobile and Infoblu who are the leading traffic information providers respectively in the UK, France and Italy.

All three companies have worked with BMW since 2002 and in that time have built up a deep understanding of BMW’s requirements.

MILE is building a new traffic information solution for Germany and will be implementing a programme of continuous improvement in existing markets using common technology platforms and best practice.

BMW offers premium traffic information and MILE recognise the need for a high performance, next generation traffic and navigation service in Europe for BMW.

Note: TPEG is the Next-Generation protocol for the efficient delivery of travel data over low-bandwidth connections.

For more information on TPEG, visit ITIS here.

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