Ford launches ‘SyncMyPhone’ app

Available as a free download on, SYNCMyPhone gives users the ability to use their home computer or laptop to manually create and manage multiple address books and contact lists – from a cell phone, Outlook distribution list or other device – and upload the information to the SYNC system via their vehicle’s USB port.

Customers can enter from 1 to 2,000 different numbers and contacts to their SYNCMyPhone download. And they can also choose any combination of names and contacts, so while some may only want to enter the 20 people they call the most, others can choose to enter only their business contacts from their laptop or go for it all and throw on entire address books from multiple sources.

Thought behind this application:

Through the SYNCMyPhone download, all the contacts that users can access hands-free in the SYNC-equipped vehicle don’t have to be entered on the paired phone – a painful data-entry exercise that everyone has endured after buying a new cell phone.

Customers with older cell phones or pay-as-you-go phones, who could only digit-dial a contact via voice (“Dial 1-800-392-3673”), rather than ask the SYNC system to call a person by name (“Call Mike Smith at home”) can make use of this app.

Source: Ford.

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