EU: S-Max and Galaxy to get BLIS, Adjustable Speed Limiter

The new S-MAX and Galaxy are Ford of Europe’s first vehicles to feature the new Blind Spot Information System (BLIS).

This radar-based facility encourages a driver to be even more conscientious in checking over their shoulder by warning of vehicles in their blind spot area.

Also, the new Adjustable Speed Limiter Device (ASLD) is designed to help drivers set, and then not exceed, specific speed limits unintentionally – another first for Ford of Europe.

Another new feature is the Premium Sound System, which can be ordered for both Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy with High-Nav or Sony Audio system. DAB radio is also an optional feature.

The Premium Sound System is based around an eight-channel amplifier with an overall output of 265 Watts, with an upgraded speaker system, including additional centre channel speakers in the centre of the dashboard and a large sub-woofer fitted behind the left front seat.

Via: NetCarShow.

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