Tele Atlas updates map database with user corrections

Tele Atlas has unveiled the latest version of its database, MultiNet 2009.12. For the first time, MultiNet now includes changes from drivers in the Asia Pacific region, as well as nearly 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) of new or adjusted geometry across Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

MultiNet also sets the new standard for map accuracy, with community input now helping Tele Atlas to detect changes and perfect its maps worldwide to the highest industry standard of five meters or 16 feet or less.

MultiNet encompasses nearly 32 million kilometers (20 million miles) across 94 countries and territories. It is the only digital map database in the world that is constantly validated by the tens of millions of drivers who use it in GPS devices, smartphone applications and online.

To date, Tele Atlas has validated and processed well over one million edits sourced from this group of users, the largest GPS data collection community in the world.

Source: Tele Atlas.

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