2010 CES to showcase in-vehicle technology

The 2010 International CES includes the following in-vehicle technology conference sessions:

Broadband in Your Car: Imagine watching YouTube videos on your laptop or updating your Facebook page while being driven to the airport. That’s the promise of the mobile Wi-Fi systems Ford, GM and Chrysler are offering. How quickly will cars become Internet-enabled, and what are the barriers to adoption? And where do TV-to-car services fit in?

Drivers, Consumer Electronics, and Highway Safety: How Can Technology Help: Growing public attention is being paid to the relationship between safe driving and in-vehicle electronics. Come hear about innovative companies and technologies that empower drivers to use their in-vehicle electronics in a safe and responsible way.

Driving Connected: Built-in, Brought-in or Beamed-in – Developing Cars that Don’t Crash and Devices that Don’t Distract: Connected automobiles are here! This cross-industry panel will present innovations in information, entertainment and safety while revealing the collaborative product development, deployment and integration of automotive and consumer electronics. Automakers, OEMs and the aftermarket can make the difference between built-in profits and reverse-engineered costs to deliver consumer satisfaction.

GPS Navigation: What’s Down the Road: The explosion of GPS-enabled navigation products in recent years has produced a variety of options – from hand-held and portable devices to in-dash vehicle systems to cell phones with built-in navigation functions. Which form factor is leading the pack today? Which will prevail three years from now?

New Opportunities for Communications to the Vehicle: The next generation of wireless data services and the introduction of dedicated short range communications (DSRC) will introduce new opportunities for Vehicle-to-Vehicle, and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure applications. This session will explore what to expect in the next few years, and explore different industry blueprints and research roadmaps, such as the IntelliDrive initiative.

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