CES: Cydle to launch PNDs with traffic info using HD Radio

At 2010 International CES, Cydle, the emerging leader in car-based multimedia systems and one of South Korea’s biggest electronics makers, is poised to launch a diverse suite of products that includes the world’s first portable GPS with built-in HD Radio and free HD live traffic updates.

The company’s line of wireless digital devices seamlessly integrate capabilities that combine navigation with entertainment – including GPS, Live HD traffic update, HD Radio, rich multimedia, Bluetooth, WiFi, black box, mobile TV technology and more.

“The car should be a haven,” said Woody Lee, U.S. director of sales, Cydle. “Whether a driver needs accurate traffic information and alternate routes to get somewhere on time, wants to watch a video of his or her family while on a business trip, or simply wants to enjoy a favorite tune. We provide all of that, at the highest quality, from a single device.

Cydle’s new T43H is the world’s first portable navigation system with built-in HD Radio to include free HD Traffic, offering real-time updates 10 times faster than other traffic message channels. The T43H contains an Internal & External antenna and refreshes automatically to include the latest information about accidents, traffic speed and road construction areas. Drivers simply punch in the destination and get real-time alerts as they go.

Learn more about Cydle here.

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