2010: Top trends in LBS in Europe

Looking to 2010, Telmap believes that key developments in the mobile industry will continue to establish an environment for location based services (LBS) to flourish in Europe.

The top trends in LBS to look out for include:

1. In order to support LBS anywhere, anytime, multiple location technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Cell ID, and A-GPS will be used, resulting location enablement in low-end, non GPS devices.

2. Location will start to enrich core services such as SMS and voice, creating a more dynamic and compelling location offering for users. In 2010, we will see this trend penetrating the low-end devices market.

3. With the rise in GPS shipments, mobile operators will realize the potential behind expanding their LBS scope to reach the mass market. Operators will need to focus on creating a more advanced mobile location experience for the mass market whilst still investing efforts in rolling out innovative services for the high-end device market.

4. The explosion of mobile social networking has marked the advent of applications that integrate location into social communities. This is set to become even more popular as the ability to tag favorite places and share content in a simple and interactive way becomes a reality.

5. Location –Based Advertising will come of age as we see more players showcasing location based advertising capabilities as a means to generate complementary revenue streams.

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2010 has exciting prospects in the LBS space. The LBS battleground is well defined with direct to consumer players such as the original device manufacturers and internet players on one side, and mobile operators on the other side. Some of the key success factors for mobile operators to win the LBS market are: Make location an integral part of the core-services packages, enrich core services such as voice and SMS with location capabilities, open operators’ location infrastructure to 3rd party players, and work together; operators must collaborate to ensure that mass adoption can be achieved for LBS through interoperability and seamless interaction between networks and operators, both on country and global levels, similar to what has been achieved for SMS and MMS.

Telmap believes that operators are in a prime position to enable a rich LBS environment for their subscribers and win in the LBS marketplace. This will require investment of time and resources to deliver location-based services that are innovative, intuitive, valuable and appealing to the mass market, but the results will be the generation of new revenue streams, and increased customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Source: Telmap.

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