Ford Sync-type technology coming to India says Microsoft

Microsoft’s Car IT, which refers to mobile devices usable in a car, will be customary in next generation cars — cars that will be launched in the next 5-10 years.

Dr Braendli from Microsoft expects that in India, with the penetration of the mobile phone, Car IT will be adopted more quickly than in the mature economies.

As more Indian OEMs look at exports, they will have to include systems such as these in their products and Microsoft aims to provide basic services like security, user management and other basic services from the computer to work in and on-road environment. But infrastructure is a critical necessity.

“We are in talks with car makers to provide MS Office services in premium cars for which we have done the proof of concept,” Dr Braendli remarked.

The OEMs however want high quality speech recognition and human machine interface, not standard Windows, to manage services inside the car. That ensures driver does not take his hands off the steering wheel.

What can we expect in future from Microsoft in the automotive space? Much of the advancement would be around more entertainment, including digital radio. Also, an improved navigation system, making it more intelligent. Over the next three years, we will have two releases of MS Auto, extensions of the current versions. These will be standardised and richer and closer to OE requirements.

Via: Economic Times.

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