The first 20 apps for the car has published an article on what it thinks will be the first apps that can be downloaded to the car.

Here are a few: (for the full list click here)

1. Twitter Performance Updates

What It’ll Do: Set a new 0-to-60 MPH record in your car? Lay down an awesome quarter-mile time? Let your friends know via Twitter.

How Far Away It Is: Three-to-five years; cars spit this data out easily and the Twitter API is easy to work with.

2. In-Car Music Streaming

What It’ll Do: Rather than rely on your phone or satellite radio to choose the music for you, a service like Pandora can stream your songs and song preferences directly into your car.

How Far Away It Is: Less than a year; this service already exists with Pandora over the current 3G network. When LTE and other services come on board it’ll be even easier. It’s also expected to be a part of Sync.

3. Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance

What It’ll Do: Don’t drive much? Why should you pay the same amount to insure your car as someone who commutes 100 miles every day? With usage-based insurance you only pay for what you use.

How Far Away It Is: Present; Progressive already offers this service with a separate plug-in device called MyRate.

4. Electric Car Grid Manager

What It’ll Do: Managing demand across an electric grid is already difficult without thousands (or millions) of electric cars running from one place to another demanding energy. An electric car energy app tracks your usage, destination, and charging times.

How Far Away It Is: Less than two years; GM is developing a similar system with an mobile app for the Chevy Volt that allows consumers to choose when to power on their vehicle. Connecting it to the grid is the next step, but this management system already is being tested for homes and cars on a pilot basis.

5. Carbon Footprint

What It’ll Do: The eco-concious will know how big or small their carbon footprint is as they drive and refuel the vehicle.

How Far Away It Is: Less than one year; this system is already in development and most hybrids already indicate the level of eco-driving.

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