US: Suzuki Grand Vitara to get Garmin PND integration as standard

All 2010 Grand Vitara models come equipped with Garmin navigation (named Suzuki TRIP navigation), which makes the Vitara the least expensive SUV with navigation.

Many people who decide to purchase a car with an on-board navigation system, instead of a portable Garmin GPS device, do so because they don’t want to have cords on their dash or a GPS suction-cupped to their windshield.

The Garmin device in the Suzuki Grand Vitara addresses all of those concerns because the docking station is completely integrated and customized, which means no cords or suction-cup mounts.

The Suzuki’s GPS mount sits on the top of the dash and it folds down when not in use. And since the GPS device is based on a Garmin nüvi, drivers can remove the device from the cradle and use it in pedestrian mode whenever they reach their destination.

The Garmin GPS in the Suzuki Grand Vitara has many of the newest nüvi features like ecoRoute, Bluetooth for handsfree calling, MSN Direct connected services and lane assist with junction view so drivers will see a realistic presentation of road signs and junctions along the route.

Source: Garmin.

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