CES sessions on infotainment trends

Driving Connected SuperSession:

Featured a cross-industry panel of well-known professionals from Pandora, ATX, Autonet Mobile, Dice Electronics, Kia Motors, SEMA, and DENSO America.

The panel agreed that connected automobiles are a reality and discussed ways that automobiles will start to communicate with other devices, such as traffic lights and toll booths, to increase public safety and optimize driving conditions.

They discussed the importance of thinking differently when designing and implementing automotive technology, including the introduction of new widgets for the car.

Pandora announced that its serial protocol was being used by Pioneer, Aline and Ford to enable greater integration and control of Pandora’s music while behind the wheel.

The Twitter Revolution SuperSession:

Moderated by Steve Broback of the Parnassus Group, featured social media thought-leaders who shared real-life examples of the power of Twitter to influence, inform and interact.

The panel discussed their favorite Twitter tools and sites used to monitor and measure their company or product’s reach. They stressed the three keys to successful Twittering: Share value; Be human and Interact.

CNET’s Next Big Thing SuperSession:

IPTV was announced as the next big thing that will have the greatest influence on consumer technology this coming year. The session focused on giving consumers choice, voice and control over their content like never before.

The panelists acknowledged that many challenges exist to delivering content over the top of existing cable structures, including choice of content, piracy and DRM. Consumers want to enjoy a common experience across their devices, with the selection of content they want and an easy user experience.

Paul Otellini, chief executive officer of Intel, stated his belief that Intel’s job is to invent the future. To that end, the company demonstrated a plethora of new technologies including 3DTV, as well as IPTV, a Home Energy Management System, and a new technology Intel calls Wireless Display or “WiDi”. The WiDi technology has the ability to connect a PC to an HDTV for streaming photos, videos and other content.

Otellini also announced a new storefront called the App Up center where users can download applications tailor-made for their own netbooks. Manufacturers Acer, Asus, Dell and Samsung have already signed on to carry the storefront on their devices.

Source: CES.

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