EU: Hyundai ix35 to get navigation with eco routing & NAVTEQ MapCare

The new built-in navigation systems from Hyundai will be equipped with the latest “Green Routing” technology to calculate the most fuel-efficient route, paving the way for Hyundai to reduce its carbon footprint and enforce its eco-friendly image.

Hyundai has formed an agreement with NAVTEQ and built-in navigation systems supplied in Hyundai’s latest models will be powered by NAVTEQ MapCare, a program which offers a pre-defined number of map updates.

NAVTEQ MapCare will be first offered to Hyundai’s new cross-over utility vehicle, ix35, in Europe, then gradually expanded to other regions and models, such as the new Sonata.

Furthermore, as eight out of 10 navigation systems worldwide use NAVTEQ’s maps, the alliance will enable consumers worldwide to conveniently find the nearest Hyundai dealership, service center or office either through an online search or through their personal and in-car navigation systems.

Source: Hyundai.

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